Dog coat for Bedlington Terriers by Pepper Petwear. Winter dog coat. Custom made dog clothes for your dog.

Pepper Petwear custom made winter dog coat


  • ▪  waterproof and windproof outer fabric
  • ▪  micro fleece inner lining


  • ▪  underbelly protection
  • ▪  it fastens with Velcro at the back and at the shoulders, which allows room for adjustment
  • ▪  reflective safety tapes
  • ▪  easy to put on
  • ▪  its construction ensures free, comfortable movement

Chest circumference Price
8"-11.5" / 20-29cm 60.00 USD
12"-17.5" / 30-44cm 74.00 USD
18"-21.5" / 45-54cm 80.00 USD
22"-25" / 55-64cm 84.00 USD
25.5"-29" / 65-74cm 93.00 USD
29.5"-33" / 75-84cm 101.00 USD
33.5"-37" / 85-94cm 110.00 USD
37.5-44" / 95-112cm 128.00 USD
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
To provide fit clothes please, let us know the exact size of your dog. Measure your dog with a soft tape measure when she/he is standing on the ground.   
1. LENGTH of the back: measure the distance from the base of the neck (from the withers) to the base of the tail
2. NECK: to get the size of the neck circumference please, wrap the tape measure around the base of the neck (the widest part of the neck)
3. CHEST: measure the circumference of the chest at the widest point of the chest (right behind the front legs)
4. WAIST: measure the waist circumference at the narrowest point of the waist
5. UNDERBELLY: measure the distance from the base of the neck through the under part of the chest (underbelly) to the groin, ♂ male dog: pay attention to leave him enough space to urinate
6. DISTANCE BETWEEN THE FRONT LEGS: (not shown on the picture) to get this size please, use your palm and then measure the flat of your hand with the tape measure; How many of your fingers fit comfortably between the front legs (in inches or cm)?


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