Pepper Petwear dog coats

Pepper Petwear dog coats are comfortable and they have full belly protection, so
your dog will not be wet and dirty. Therefore our coats are practical for the dog owners as well.
Pepper Petwear dog coats are appropriate for your dog even if she/he is very large, well muscled
or has an unusual body type, since all of our jackets are hand tailored to fit your dog’s size. 

    The common features of Pepper Petwear dog coats:
  • • custom made
  • • full belly protection
  • • multilayered
  • • it fastens at the back and at the shoulders with Velcro which allows room for adjustment
  • • reflective safety tape
  • • easy to put on
  • • their construction ensures free, comfortable movement

How to measure your dog

Please check out the measuring instructions, because the accuracy of the measuring is very important to provide comfortable coat.  Please, use a soft tape measure. Your dog should stand on the floor during the measuring process.   
LENGTH of the back: measure the distance from the base of the neck (from the withers)
to the base of the tail

NECK: to get the size the neck circumference please, wrap the tape measure around the base of the neck
(the widest part of the neck)

CHEST: measure the circumference of the chest at the widest point of the chest (right behind the front legs)
WAIST: measure the waist circumference at the narrowest point of the waist
UNDERBELLY: measure the distance from the base of the neck through the under part of the chest
(underbelly) to the groin,
male dog: pay attention to leave him enough space to urinate

DISTANCE BETWEEN THE FRONT LEGS: (not shown on the picture) to get this size please, use
your palm and then measure the flat of your hand with the tape measure; How many of your fingers
fit comfortably between the front legs (in inches or cm)?

How to put on the coat?

1. First secure only one of the shoulder Velcros.
2. Then place the upper part (=back part) of the coat on your dog’s back and secure the other shoulder Velcro.
3. Next secure with Velcro the upper part of the coat at the belly.
4. Then wrap the strap of the bottom part (=belly part) around your dog’s torso and secure Velcros at his/her back.

Care instructions

Daily cleaning: wipe the coat with a wet sponge. It can be washed in washing machine with cold water
(max 86 °F // 30°C). Please, close the Velcros during the washing. Do Not Dry.

Payment information

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard and Maestro card or Paypal.


Custom made dog coats are ready to dispatch in 7-10 business days.
Ready-made dog coats are ready to dispatch in 4-5 business days.
Delivery service:

Shipping cost

Destination ✈
Price $
Europe 16 USD / package
Canada, Mexico, USA 16 USD / package
other 35 USD / package

Shipping time

Destination ✈
Shipping time 🕐
Europe 2-4 business day
Canada, Mexico, USA 2-6 business day
other 2-6 business day