To provide fit clothes please, let us know the exact size of your dog. Measure your dog with a soft tape measure when she/he is standing on the ground.   
1. LENGTH of the back: measure the distance from the base of the neck (from the withers) to the base of the tail
2. NECK: to get the size of the neck circumference please, wrap the tape measure around the base of the neck (the widest part of the neck)
3. CHEST: measure the circumference of the chest at the widest point of the chest (right behind the front legs)
4. WAIST: measure the waist circumference at the narrowest point of the waist
5. UNDERBELLY: measure the distance from the base of the neck through the under part of the chest (underbelly) to the groin, ♂ male dog: pay attention to leave him enough space to urinate
6. DISTANCE BETWEEN THE FRONT LEGS: (not shown on the picture) to get this size please, use your palm and then measure the flat of your hand with the tape measure; How many of your fingers fit comfortably between the front legs (in inches or cm)?